About us

Tesidex is a team of professionals devoted to web development. Our team provides efficient project management and development of internet solutions.
Tesidex provides client-oriented turnkey solutions ranging from design of a site to complete development and maintenance of e-projects.
We are experienced in implementing web projects of various complexity. Our internet solutions are cost-effective.

Mobile development:
Our products are based on framework for building apps that look and act native, but are technically running in an embedded browser.
The main advantage is that it’s cross platform and lets us write the same app once for multiple platforms.
It will even change the look a bit to match the native standards for each platform it supports (iOS, Android and Windows Phone).
Main hybrid mobile app technologies:
Ionicframework, AngularJS, Cordova/PhoneGap

We have excellent experience with technologies:

Ionic Framework 1.x
Ionic Framework 2.x (AngularJS 2)
Ionic Framework 1.x migration to Ionic Framework 2.x
AngularJS Material design integration into Ionic Framework
Using Bootstrap
Custom CSS3 & HTML5
Social integration (facebook, twitter, google and instagram)
Messenger apps development based on Websocket or XMPP protocols
Wordpress JSON endpoint integration using Ionic Framework
Cordova Push notification using GCM and / or APNS
Mobile ads integration using Google ads
Map integration using Google Maps API / Yandex Maps API
Apps based on geolocation
Integration using Firebase (BaaS), MySQL, SQL Lite and AWS.