Team expertise. Focus on clarity

We specialize in architecting and developing Backend API. We believe strongly that a well-documented and clean API can fasten the development of any project and become a foundation for a product/service of any type.

Mobile backend API

For example, mobile backend API gives complete user functionality behind strong security. Mobile apps may manage sensitive information as well as ordinary profile or order history. We implemented such backend APIs in several projects – for example CSGO and WELLBEE. (Technically for authorization library we prefer JWT)


Backend API is very important for web-portals. It holds a complex functionality as a portal must provide different experience for end-customers, for sellers, for managers, for admins. Typically web-portals allow complex search of items, shops & sellers – ranged, filtered and sorted. We develop backend API to meet all these demands. For example, in DOTA and CUDY


Reporting systems built on top of a good Backend API. We develop a core which aggregates, stores and analyses information. Afterward, API delivers it to beautiful charts, graphs and maps. Tables, filters, segmentation are very important. One cannot get insight from Data without clear Reporting built on Backend API.


Generally, any dashboard (not just reporting) and administration panel may be served by Backend API. We develop administration functionality aligned with front-end standards (like Bootstrap). We made it for projects like Promo-LOYALTY, CSGO and CUDY

Payment system

Our experience with payment system integration is huge. In our Backends we integrated both simple and complex processing systems, pay-in and pay-outs, mobile payments and card integrations. For example, Braintree (PayPal) and ECommPay in projects like WELLBEE and CSGO. Consumers expect projects with payments to be secure and flawless, and we take it seriously.

Single Page Application

There’s modern trend – to turn most projects into SPA (Single Page Application). While we love Angular, there are many ways to develop SPA. Good and flawless Backend API is foundation for SPA. We have experiences with Laravel Framework and NodeJS as Backend for SPA. For example, in HR-PROJECT (sushivesla) and DOTA.