What is «»

«» is an automated trading platform focused on the team shooter players «DOTA2», for sale and exchange of in-game items.

Tasks which are completed by the platform:

  • Helps to sell/buy a skin of interest, or any other item on trading platform.
  • Guarantees security of the carried-out transaction.
  • Offers the best price of skins in a contrast to the official Steam platform and other competitors.
  • A handy application to monitor transactions in any place with an Internet connection.
  • Provides the opportunity to withdraw funds with a minimum commission.

Unique differences DOTA24h.сom project from other trading platforms on the market:

  1. Mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms with the possibility of buying / selling, integrated chat, and history of purchases.
  2. Sale of items sets. The platform can create and sell ready-made sets of skins (for example, a set of “sniper” – a knife, a gun, a rifle) that allow users not to spend time for search and to quickly receive top items set.


The main attention on the portal homepage is paid to a market and its opportunities – you can see item series which are in-demanded on market, subjects from top categories, information about top-traders and top purchases of the week.
You can see box with special offers from famous gamers and teams “Star cases” on the main page, current information about activity (sales) on the market and news.

Catalog (Buy now)

This section is available for viewing in the guest mode. To make purchases / sales authorization is required.
Products in the catalog are displayed in the form of tiles. Items list can be filtered by criteria: price, type of weapon, model, set, design, rarity. Filtering parameter “cheaper than the steam” is also available. Sorting is carried out at a price, title and benefit.

Item page

You can see item photo, name and description, the price, the average price on the portal, and the button “to buy” on the item page. The left side of the page displays a list of similar lots on the site (if there are some items with those characteristics).


The section displays all the user on-site achievements by blocks: number of transactions, the total amount of transactions, the number of comments. The user gets skin as a gift for every achievement (value of gifts increases according to the level of achievement).

User page

After logging into the site the user sees the information block, which shows: his avatar, the balance, the notification about new messages, the user status (VIP icon for VIP users).

Items for sale

Items from “my inventory”, which user has put up for sale on the site are listed in this section. Next to the list there is a button “to remove everything from sale”, which allows you to edit your storefront quickly.

My inventory

The section lists all the user objects from the Steam account, including items purchased on site. Button “Update inventory” synchronizes the list of items with Steam